• Jix

  • $18.00

With JIX you can build everything from ambitious room-sized structures to intricate table-top sculptures, all using JIX connectors and standard drinking straws. JIX are portable, less expensive than anything else around, and ultra light weight, so that even if your mammoth construction falls, no one gets hurt. Here are a few more reasons why JIX are awesome:

• Modular and Flat. The connectors come in flat grids which easily snap apart, intersect, and lock into place to create a three dimensional star shape to allow for more complex structures. 

• Standard Straws. The connectors are designed to accommodate most standard straws that can be found in your local grocery, drug, or big-box store.

• Limitless Building. By cutting, bending, or using multiple colors of straws, the possibilities are endless. You can make highly organized geometric structures, or free-form tangles. 

• Educational. Beyond being a fun way to spend an afternoon, JIX inspire creativity and give children an opportunity to develop their motor and spatial skills through hands-on play.

• Sustainable. We are striving to make JIX as sustainable as possible. The connectors are made out of a post-industrial plastic in the US, and come in the most minimal of packaging. Additionally, JIX are designed to be manufactured with little or no waste, and we are involved in every step of the process to ensure socially responsible practices.